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Since 1996 I have taken nearly 1,000,000 photos. Of those about 14,000 have made it to this website, including over 1,000 species of birds that have been viewed more than 400,000 times.

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  • acwo_01.jpg
    Acorn Woodpecker82 viewsOne of the few places in Utah where this species canbe found fairly easily. Devil's Canyon Campground, San Juan County. April 2006
  • rugr_01.jpg
    Dusky Grouse72 viewsSomewhere in the Bridger-Tetons, Wyoming. June 2005
  • eust_01.jpg
    European Starling78 viewsNot sure where I took this. Utah. January 2006
  • modo_01.jpg
    Mourning Dove43 viewsNote sure where I took this shot. Utah. June 2007
  • empid_01.jpg
    probable Hammond's Flycatcher76 viewsI have no idea where or when this was taken, but it was in my old files. It appears to be a Hammond's-Dusky type.
  • moon_01.jpg
    The Moon61 viewsI have no idea where I took this. December 2006
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